where the Cool Kids are

cool kid shoes
Today I make why way down the coast to where the cool kids are. Apart from the meetings and presentations (including one comprised entirely cuddly kittens and bunnies from yours truly), I'll be able to see Chris, Becky, and Ana. Huzzah! The amount I've been able to see these 3 in the 9 or 10 months they've been away is a little astounding, certainly unexpected, and much appreciated.

This should be a great trip down to the Bay. An interesting aspect of my work is that the people I work with the most, talk to on a daily and weekly basis, I've never met. Strange, but true. This trip down I'll be able to meet some of these people and finally put a face to the name. That, and I finally booked a nice hotel to stay at.

One thing that won't be fun... while I'm gone, some other cool kids are leaving town. Boo. To Austin and Nina, I want to see a blog and a Flickr account. To Jeff, I expect some serious rants since you'll be down in the real Thunderdome soon enough. To all three of you, happy travels.

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Trust in Steel said...

Have a good time by the Bay!