allow me to add

a few more suggestions or addendum to KFR's list,
  1. Sports Night - Only on for about 2 seasons (I'm sensing a theme here), this show packed much more social commentary (in unexpected ways!) than a show called "Sports Night" might suggest. Don't need to be a fan of sports to watch. But do watch if you enjoy Felicity Huffman, Peter Krause, Robert Guillaume, and Josh Melina. Created by Aaron Sorkin, this show is packed with walk-n-talk witty (and intelligent!) banter.
  2. Humboldt Fog cheese made by Cypress Grove. Let it warm to room temperature and watch the gooey creamy goodness go. Pair it with a crusty bread and some wine and you've got a party in your mouth.
  3. DO NOT pair Humboldt Fog with Two Buck Chuck. I'm sorry Chris, but sometimes you just need to stand up for what's right. I very much appreciate the cost of Charles, even that there are more expensive wines out there that taste worse... All this is to say that I think there are other good inexpensive wines out there. Not that at wouldn't drink the Two Buck Chuck if offered.
  4. Melitta Filter: As a side on coffee creation, you should really explore the option of a Melitta Filter. Many filter sizes are available for your differing coffee consumption needs. All I'll say is that I used to drink around a half a pot in the morning. I'm now down to a cup a day as this coffee packs sooooo much coffee goodness. It's like Pirate Coffee on 'roids. Pirate Coffee + half 'n half. I'll happily drink my coffee black, but I do think that half 'n half has the ability to draw out other delicious coffee flavors.
  5. Mini-Tourist trips in your own backyard. tourists
  6. Redoing your blog's color scheme. Open your heart? I'm not so sure about this one. We'll give it a little time to see how it goes.


Dolce Vita said...

Is a Melitta Filter a cold filter? I've heard that makes the best coffee.

And, I agree, half-and-half had just that effect.

Anonymous said...

I like the black. And no, I won't drink 2 buck upchuck. And I wonder if you know how it really feels to be left outside alone when it's cold out here?

another kind of nerd said...

D.V. - Melitta Filter is not a cold filter, which I too have heard makes the best cup. I would send you to your local snooty coffee shop that charges more for dairy than soy to find out, but you live in Middleofnowheresville.

Sara - That's twice today. Just when one gets out of the head, another gets in. Damn you!

Rachel said...

cheese... I'm going to have to go cheese hunting soon. I'm going to be in Eugene around the 21st, I will have to come and bug y'all!