a weekend and post of ramblings

potatoes... doing what they do?
Interesting picture, no? Last weekend I made it up to PDX with the BCC to check out a concert, buy a book, and go to a county fair. Throw in a tour of many areas of Portland and you get FANTASTIC!

Patty Griffin was wonderful in concert. That woman can Sing. She also has the interesting ability to write "happy" songs that are ridiculously depressing, but in a good way. I had a much greater appreciation for her this second go-round (I saw her with the fam a few years ago when she was the opening act for the Dixie Chicks on their Fly tour). The crowd was really enthusiastic, she was appreciative, you could buy bottles of wine and take them wherever, and only occasionally did the breeze remind you of the fact that you were at a zoo, surrounded by animals and their very animal smells.
german chocolate
The book. THE book. We (E, C, E's cousin and friend) waited in line at Powell's in downtown Portland for 2 hours to get our copies of the last Harry Potter. Yes. We are nerds. Yes. It was totally worth it. I'm avoiding the book like the plague so I don't read it all in one sitting. I want to savor it morsel by tiny morsel. We got hopped up on sugar before we ambled on down to get in line. TWO hours later, Victory Was Ours! Err, uh, yeah. Unfortunately, this particular victory resulted in a sort of Harry Potter Hangover the following day. I'm a nerd! I don't stay up until 3:00AM. Are you kidding me?

explosion of BUNNIES!Yes, uh, so. Saturday we made our way to the world of C and E. One the Agenda: county fair and rodeo. I'm such a sucker. Fair. Grease. Mullets. Mustaches. Rodeo! The main attraction, as if the heretofore mentioned things weren't enough, was alllllllll the animals: bunnies, chickens, goats, pigs, horses, cows. Did I mention the bunnies? The rodeo was great. People ridin' horses as fast as jackrabbits. People with fake southern accents like you ain't never heard before. And don't forget, Yeeeee HA! we got alotta patriotism 'cause we're the number one country that god ever did bless. That is why the world loves us and everyone wants to be an American. Let's give a hand to those little ladies, those rodeo princesses sure do a fantastic job, don't they folks..... uh. Sorry. Got a bit carried away with the rodeo bit. Caught up in the spirit.

Anyhoo, the weekend was great. Many thanks to the BCC, friends, and family for their hospitality.


The Bandit said...

I waited no hours in line and went to Target on Saturday and bought it for $17.99. Already finished it but I won't tell you what happens. Remember, constant vigilance!

Trust in Steel said...

Glad you had a good time! I picked my daughter up a copy the day after and avoided all the hassle!

boxfactoryboy said...

What a great adventure....I should be having so much fun! As for the book, I figure you can guess I havent read any of them yet. Waiting for the movie!