warning: water closet etiquette

Water closet etiquette. Where does one begin? First of all, automatic flushers can be quite a good thing, but more often then not they're just annoying. Perhaps I digress. So, first of all, wash your hands people. Err, uh, yeah. So, automatic flushers.... I've come to despise the automatic flushers. I'd much prefer some apparatus that could be triggered by one's foot. The automatic flusher plays tricks on you. I'm not entirely convinced there isn't a troll at some central viewing location that jokingly flushes the toilet at inopportune moments. Unsuspecting, the toilet user places the paper protective bit on the toilet seat with nary a button unbuttoned, only to have the damn ring flush away at the behest of the illogical automatic flusher. Even worse than the protective paper flush-down is the multiple flush that is totally and completely disconnected to bathroom reality.... ie: you're peeing when the automatic flusher troll unleashes his tricks. I don't care if you're a hoverer or you use the paper toilet seat covers, that's just annoying, not to mention a bit disconcerting. I don't even want want to delve into the realm of urinals. With that, I've officially said/thought too much on bathroom topics for one morning.

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