Dear Readers,

You might recall sometime back a little posting I did about our psychotic neighbor who thought the best way to communicate with a 19 year old was to call him "Bam-Bam" and repeatedly yell "Fuck You!" The classiness of these people just boggles the mind and is made all the more entertaining by their pretensions. Anyway, they're at it again. They left this little love note on the door (the door is the entrance to a converted garage apartment off R!'s and my abode).

Couple thoughts: The fact that the 19 year old and his friends are currently practicing their guitars at a high volume (one can only assume the volume is slightly higher than it might have been before he arrived home and found the note) warms the cockles of my heart. Was the radio loud this morning? Yes. Was it really so loud as to warrant that note? No. On other topics, these people (the classy neighbors) are starting the new year with a lot of venom in their hearts. Small though their hearts may be, that just doesn't seem like a lot of fun to me. When push comes to shove, however, I could really care less. In fact, they've proved themselves to be such genuine ass hats in the comparatively small time that I've been here, I now take a devilish delight in anything that might remotely annoy them. So yes, I'm experiencing schadenfreude right now.

Happy New Year to all.


kungfuramone said...

Ass hats or no, they do have some cool-looking handwriting! You could make a font with that as a template (it would be called "Dumbshit Neighbor" and kids would use it in lieu of Times New Roman on essays...)

another kind of nerd said...

Indeed. A great money making scheme... market it to all the big companies with their own special small variation: Google Dumbshit Neighbor, Virgin Dumbshit Neihbor, Worldcom Dumbshit Neigbor, etc.

Anonymous said...

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