howdy y'all!

Well, well, well.... I braved the pass back home, just completed my spot check, and am pleased to report I made it in one piece with presents and good wishes in tow. There were a few shaky points on the pass, but the Honda performed like the well seasoned champ-ene it is.

Brief thoughts:
1. Any time with a best friend is always better than none. I realize that statement is very much on the, "yeah, duh... idiot", end of the spectrum of statements, but hear me out. Though you survive on sporadic phone calls and email, the visits are where its at. You're not always cognizant of what's lacking when you go about your little life. .. then you see your friend, have a HUGATTAAAACK, wear goofy hats, and have fun.
2. Make sure you know how to put your snow chains on.
3. Sometimes it feels really good to look someone directly in the eyes and evenly say, "Shut the hell up" and mean it.


Matto said...

There must be a good story behind the "Shut the hell up" comment. Am I right?

another kind of nerd said...

Hmmmm, perhaps the entertaining part of the whole "Shut the hell up" comment is really due to the absolute lack of a good story. It was an appropriate comment for that particular place and time, directed at a total stranger. The entertaining bit comes in when I actually pull it off.

Matto said...

Props for aiming it at a total stranger. There's plenty of strangers out there that could use a good dose of "shut the hell up."