Huzzah! - not just for King Henry VIII anymore

Everybody needs a little Huzzah! in their life. I haven't yet decided whether 'tis better to be on the receiving end of these Huzzah!s or the giving. Not to discount the Huzzah shout-outs in my direction, but I'm finding great comfort and joy in the giving. I don't know if this is akin to the joy of giving unexpected presents (a wonderfully selfish thing to take delight in). Methinks it is different. Huzzah!s come from someplace other than gifts. Huzzah!s are for a job well done. Huzzah!s are for joy, for comfort given, for serendipitous encounters, for finding a quarter in the slot of the phone booth of life. So, my queue of Huzzah!s for the week:
  • Ana: a great big, enormous, Huzzah! attached to a HUG ATTTAAAACK! for wonderfully satisfying and meaningful visit. Thank you.
  • Google Search Algorithms: you work even when I don't.
  • Ella D.: for the walk.
  • R!: Because.
  • Winter Solstice: go 'head an' rock your ice. Sunshine on the move.
  • Russian Space Monkeys: a much needed laugh.
  • C-Lo: ironically, my sanity reminder.

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another kind of nerd said...


Starbucks Guy: you gave me coffee when I forgot my wallet at home this morning.