finally, a good concert

I went to the most entertaining concert last night. The group was fantastic. Listening to them you feel as if you're on a tour of Hollywood movie set. Their music takes you from watching the filming of a Jewish wedding to the next set over where they're filming a spaghetti western. Seriously, I don't know how they do it but they move from an eastern European sound to Spanish inspired. How could things go wrong when one considers the list of instruments?: accordion, violin, upright base, trumpet, tuba (TUBA strung with lights all around the inside!), various guitars, and drums.
The tuba really made me consider some things.... It's damn near impossible to look anything but entertainingly ridiculous while playing the tuba and simultaneously trying to dance. Methinks dancing is not so easy for a small to middling-sized gal playing a ginormous tuba. That's not even considering the lung capacity necessary for such an instrument. So, her movements on stage were confined to an Umpa-Lumpa-esque bouncing from the knees. Sometimes she mixed things up and tossed in a little side to side turning (from the waste) action. But when I considered, really considered, the plight of dancing on stage with a tuba I came to the conclusion that she did just as well as many of the people dancing in the audience. I never knew hippies could vary their dancing with such enthusiasm. There was the hippy shake, the hippy bounce, the hippy shimmy (as if at a Dead show), and (perhaps new to the world) the Hippy rave. The Hippy rave was performed by a guy clearly caught between two worlds. He had all the critical hippy elements, at least all the surface hippy elements. And yet... the guy needed to be holding those little neon lights while he swirled his hands about.


Matto said...

What's the name of this band?

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