entertaining tidbits...

1. A statement from R! earlier this evening: "It was like eating meat but tasting cheese. I'm just not into that."

2. Ella the Dog will not hunt grouse. Ella the Dog will hunt flies. Tonight she performed a feat that Mr. Miyagi would have been proud of.... she locked on to a fly, patiently waited for her opportunity, and destroyed the little bastard. It was an impressive and entertaining sight to behold.

3. Tonight R! will make Evil Jello for consumption tomorrow night. That's right people, the jello shot. I'm not entirely sure how this monstrosity got on the list of approved things for my birthday, but there you have it. All I have to say is that no one is playing Suck and Blow. No one.
An explanation... ahem: "Why is it so much fun? Well, Suck and Blow is a gelatin shooter encased in a patented plastic tube and in order to enjoy this flirtatious shot, you’ll need a partner. That’s right, it takes two to tango with this tasty treat. One person to 'Suck' and another to 'Blow. It is the interaction of two people that make it so popular."
How can anyone resist the "gelatin shooter encased in a patented plastic tube" is beyond me. I mean really. And I'm also quite glad their text is so informative because I don't think I would have understood that it was "the interaction of two people that make it so popular." Whoever came up with this invention and decided it would be a good thing to market to the masses is, in fact, an ass hat. But you never know, he or she could now be a rich ass hat.


another kind of nerd said...
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another kind of nerd said...

Oh, holy crap, I just smelled the bit of trouble that will make its way into the jello shots: "Clear Springs" grain alcolhol. They keep it in the back of the liquor store. Consider youself warned, people.

hardcori said...

i remember clear springs from high school. and the suck and blow you described is different than teh one they play on the movie Clueless. and differnet than any i've ever played.