From the Precipice

1. C.'s two cents on the PoMo inspired post: "just because there's no there there, doesn't make there any less real! or something. ack, i've been drinking for too many days straight." Welcome, my friend, to the circle.
2. Invariably, shopping for any quality food or wine leaves one with a yuppie taint. This yuppie taint is compounded exponentially by yuppie grocery stores and/or bodegas. You must accept this taint and move on, or else you're eating Velveeta and beanless chili out of a miniature crock pot.... wait a minute, that sounds familiar.....
3. The representative of Kungfuramone and Another Kind of Nerd have agreed in principle on appropriate time and place for a HUG ATTTTAAAAAAACK!!!!!
4. Today I shall approach the limits of Cube dancing. If you hear nothing from me tomorrow it is because my moves were so stylie, incorporation of the office chair and laptop bag notwithstanding, I had nothing left to achieve in this world and have taken up residence in the woods as a sprite. A rather large sprite, but whatev.

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Rachel said...

y'all look like you're up to no good. :) happy Christmas time off!