Hibernation courtesy of the Black Cat Commune

If all y'all don't hear from me for awhile, I found a cave and settled in for a good, long sleep. Don't worry, I'll emerge in the Spring again as is Nature's rule....

Last night the BCC prepared a spread unmatched in realm of birthdays, at least mine. Thank you. Some of the food, in list form.
  • Cheeses: Humboldt Fog & Brie (served at perfect room temperature gooeyness), cranberry stilton, havarti with dill, blue cheese with pear, and fresh feta
  • Cheese accouterments: quince, grapes, pears
  • dry salami - all this in a house occupied by a vegan and two vegetarians!
  • homemade macaroni and cheese
  • homemade lasagna- one version with cheese, one without
  • homemade kase spatzle- a big shout out to my homie Nina who channels her family back in Germany every time she makes this... I should give a shout out to her mom as well for providing the recipe last year. I too shall soon harness the power of kase spatzle!
  • Greek Salad - I had some, it was good, but really I felt guilty for eating nothing but cheese and meat all day (the potluck at lunch in the Cave witnessed two (TWO!) homemade cheese balls)
A special thanks to R! for providing the jello shots and an extra special Happy Birthday to Morgan (p.s. we don't need our birthday as an excuse to drink your rose champagne).


Dolce Vita said...

I wondered how you were doing after your birthday celebration (and the jello shots). It seems that it will be a cheese-induced coma not an alcohol-induced hangover that will precipitate your hibernation.

All those cheeses sound delightful!! I can almost taste them vicariously.

So, what's the plan for tomorrow - the final day of birthday week (you could extend it through the weekend, you know)?

another kind of nerd said...

Oh, Dolce Vita, how I miss your sass. Yes, today is the final birthday business and then I was my hands of it. I'm tired of my birthday self and would imagine the rest of the world is as well... except for the Initech people who will be sponsoring my final birthday go-round.