The Plague 2.3

coma inducing, more like it.

The Plague has returned to the House of Nerd. This version is much nicer than the previous. Let's say I've upgraded from Plague 2.0 to Plague 2.3. No bronchitis this time, just your standard sore throat/hacking cough of your everyday upper respiratory infection. What fresh hell is this?!!!!

At least productivity has not abated. I haven't missed any work (aside from going to the Doc's), I've done my taxes, and I'm scoping out apartments.

I think the overall message for April Sickness is quite simple: Sod off, mate.


kungfuramone said...

And yet you and M would chortle at my constant application of hand sanitizer! Maybe it's time YOU started dousing yourself with rubbing alcohol every ten minutes! :P

empress mermaid said...

good luck apartment hunting. I'm sure that ella will miss you! but she supports your decision.

another kind of nerd said...

Thanks for the wishes of luck! I certainly will miss her as well. She's a good guard dog, not to mention a pretty cute pooch.