exercises in futility

We've moved into March, thank goodness. February was really getting on my last nerve. I present a list, exercises in futility for February. These are some observations of mine, nothing that I'm saying loud or large. There were also moments of exception, but you know what they say.... As exercises in futility, these things will largely continue on my end. Such is life.
  • cough medication
  • sunglasses & thus sun
  • watching Lost
  • Communication Breakdown, Led Zeppelin
  • playing pool with Jeff
  • sleep
  • migraine medication (it's had its moments....)
  • trying to like mushrooms
I know I'm forgetting some stuff. But rest assured, things will continue on a normal path...
So lets give a shout-out to March. Huzzah!

ps: Congrats on the swank gig, Kristi!

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hardcori said...

Yay for March! february is definitely the worst month.