John Black Whistle

Even more disconcerting than waking up with a sore throat for the second day in a row was waking up with a John Black whistle. This particular ailment is horrible.... simply horrible: the dreaded nose whistle.

My sister and I refer to any type of nose whistle as a John Black whistle after a character on Days of Our Lives. For whatever reason, the fellow who plays John Black on Days seems to believe some really serious exhaling and inhaling is in order anytime there is anything of import going on. Perhaps he did it once when he first started on the show and some sarcastic director told him how fantastic the heavy breathing/nose whistle was, leaving that belief firmly planted in his mind.

Maybe I'm too harsh. He could have sinus issues that dovetail nicely with dramatic moments. Perhaps we are all heavy breathers. We're just unaware of our own seriously loud inhaling and exhaling because we don't have a boom in our face to pick up the sound and broadcast it to the outside world.

Maybe its not such a bad thing after all. Of course, I only say this because my nose whistle went away.

Uh..... yeah. I'd like to say this post, this kind of drivel, is the direct result of no Winter, Spring, or Summer breaks. That, however, would be dishonest. I can write crap at any time of the year. Hope all you punks on vacation make it a good one.

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