breaks & margaritas

Huzzah! The sun is making an appearance! It may only be temporary, but its somethin'. Out of nostalgia and blogging laziness, I offer pictures.

Fall really is my favorite season, especially the transition into fall. Here's a photo from the archives: a trip to gather appropriate autumnal bits for decoration. This is my attempt at a hay mustache, a pencil thin mustache.

I think I chose to have a margarita last night in a vain attempt to bring out some sun because its always sunny when you drink Margaritas... well, that and I was at a Mexican restaurant. You feel as if it is sunny. I won't take credit for the sun actually emerging today.
giant margarita

Because KFR enjoyed the sun, despite himself, I thought I'd add a little SC sun to my page. Had to dig back to get this one as well. I'm not entirely sure I haven't posted this a number of times already. But I don't care. A November day in Santa Cruz.
Ocean View

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