in miniature, in reverse

giant match

As I've explained a time or three, I love things in miniature. They're so amusing. Tiny burgers, Smart Cars, miniature horses... you get the idea. Of course, the fun of miniature is predicated on the existence of a normal-sized original.

I bring this this up because I've never really thought too much about the reverse, really small (even normal sized) things made large. In many ways, this is the more difficult one to handle. For example, where could one possibly put a rocking chair that stands 30ft. tall? Something like that has only one possible home... the slightly creepy, circa 1950s roadside motel. There are other entertaining bits as well... I mean, just think of the fun to be had with those giant pencils that little kids can barely put their little hands around, the giant "match" lighter (see picture), those wacky over-sized sun glasses (not the kind from 1980s fashion), etc. etc. etc.

Add this to the discard pile of the random musings of my mind.



kungfuramone said...

Delightfuly random, my girl!

Trust in Steel said...

My daughter is fascinated with miniature things also. Many things I often buy for her are usually miniature.

Rachel said...

there's a giant rocking chair outside of a furniture store in Umatilla, OR on the way into Hermiston. It's slightly disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I think I have seen that chair! Of course you would like things in miniature; being a bug and all.