List for a Flickr Account

Why people need Flickr (caveat: those people mainly being my friends):

  • Cool people generally take cool photos
  • you can't always see them, ie: they're 500 miles away or on another continent
  • sometimes you need a place to put pictures of food
  • same theory as maintaining the blog
  • images of shoes and/or feet do really well
  • safe storage of your digital images (insofar as that particular medium is safe)
  • American Apparel images, such as this gem of KFR and ReBecky

This particular American Apparel image came from the quarter-end potluck in the cave.
american ap. ad.

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Rachel said...

Hear, hear! Since all of my friends are on another continent... :) But hey, I'll be back in the US for about eight days in April. And maybe two weeks in June. :)