So be it and Nappies

My head this past week has not, how shall I say this, been screwed on exactly right. So be it. Sickness? So be it. More naps in the last week than the previous two years combined? So be it. What? Lost is still disappointing even with the escape? So be it.

Aside from Dawson's Creek, I've been catching up on my news. I've found a number of things entertaining, particularly the little differences between the same American and European stories. Case and point, that wacky wacky astronaut, Lisa Nowak. We're now quite familiar with the fact that she wore adult diapers so as not to stop on her 900 mile Crazy Drive. If you were to read, however, the story on the BBC's website, you would learn that she was wearing "nappies" on her Crazy Drive. Nappies. That's absolutely brilliant. Her master plan included nappies. Can you imagine the shopping list for that? Plastic tubing: check... Nappies: check check.

And for future reference, keep the above formula in your head the next time you get drunk at a bar and see attractive people. Some researchers at Manchester University, in their infinite wisdom, created a formula to measure the Beer Goggles effect. This formula, unlike previous Beer Goggle formulas, is more nuanced as it factors in distance and the smokiness of the bar. So, if you are drinking and cannot factor out your current Beer Goggle state according to the formula, perhaps it is best to just say "No." to anyone who approaches your table. So be it.


Anonymous said...

I have put in a phone call and, rest assured, Doc Cochrane is on his way. His methods may be a bit primitive, but he has assured me that "he cannot kill another man."

another kind of nerd said...

Excellent. Methinks his particular bedside manner is most helpful in recovery. Although, Nurse Kathy did already prescribe Whiskey as a cough rememdy. But maybe I'd get lucky and he'd dance with me like he danced with Jewel, never mind the fact that he was drunk.

Rachel said...

nappies. Geez. the reporters on both CNN Intl and BBC were very kind about the whole thing, but I think Crazy Drive is an excellent term.

Anonymous said...

I'd also love to do a jig with the Doc, drunk or no. Methinks he is good people.