Celebration by Proxy

birthday cake
Yesterday was my sister's birthday. Unfortunately, she too was hit by the plague at an inopportune moment. Being 300 miles away and a good sister, I did what I could. Thus I spent a delightful Thai dinner with the gals of the BCC, a much need respite for everyone, in homage of her birth. The celebration didn't stop with dinner nor with the loss of my BCC fellow travelers. Though filled to the gills with Thai food, I made a stop on the way home to pick up a piece of cake... a lovely piece of lemon cake. Okay, okay, so the lemon cake was not something she would have chosen. So I took a few liberties. All for the greater good, though... right?

So Sara, I hope you enjoyed your birthday last night, because I sure did. Don't say I never did anything for you... tee hee hee...

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Rachel said...

i need to find someone's birthday to 'celebrate'... :)