Numbers and not-so-big doings

Uh, yeah... some numbers:
  • 2 - amount of total dry hoppings as well as nice new container for beer to ferment in
  • 1.5 - amount of seasons of Dawson's Creek I've watched in the last two days
  • 0.5 - amount of Super Bowl I could watch. bluh.
  • 3.38 - amount of times I scared my friends with appearance and/or extended coughing fit yesterday
The number of cups of tea is just too large to count at this point. There have also been some home remedies that temporarily relieved the symptoms, etc. One of these was an interesting concoction of fresh ginger, chili pepper, and lemon while another was the hot toddy. They don't call it "grandpa's cough medicine" for no good reason.

1 comment:

Dolce Vita said...

So have you rounded the corner with this cold yet?

By the way, I am so glad that germs cannot travel via the internet.

I'm wishing you well with a hug attack (hugs are supposed to help the immune system - although that may be how you got your cold in the first place).