Pinball Wizard

Wednesday night is Lost Night. Lost Night encompasses dinner with none other than Trust in Steel, some games of pool, and then a viewing of Lost at the BCC. I love the routine, love the company, love the horrid hot and cold nature that constitutes my billiard abilities. There are limits, however, to all this love. The jury is still out on Lost. I'm intrigued, I won't deny it. And that new Seven Kinds of Scary lady does a good job of communicating evil. One might even go so far as to say she's dripping with evil. This is all a not-so-fancy way of saying, "I'm ready to get back on board, Lost. But I'm keeping my eye on you."

Last night also brought other entertainment. By some pinball god decree, I played the pinball game of my life last night. It was all quite surreal. There was one magic silver ball left as I just happened to look with no one else around... check the side buttons, nice, very nice... check out all the options before me... hmmm travelling the wold with Ripley's Believe It or Not, whatev... okay, pull back and GO!. I swear the stars aligned, angels sang, all wars momentarily ceased, you get the idea. All I needed for the moment to be absolutely perfect was to be magically transported to a mall in 1986. Well, that and a slushy by my side. I was brilliant. There were 4, yes 4!, magical silver balls on the table at one point. Bonus points stretched that original magical ball into too many to count. That being said, my magical pinball moment fell drastically short of the high score. Such is life. As a side note, anyone should really check out the lyrics to Pinball Wizard. Uh, "A pinball wizard got such a supple wrist"?

Finally, it is with great pleasure that I introduce Trust in Steel to the world of blogs. That's right friends, you can get all you've been missing now of our great Conan Intellectual on the interweb. Have patience at first, things will really begin to take off when he moves down to L.A. Though I'm sure he'll have plenty of things to say in the meantime. A quote from the archives, "Love is false. Trust in steel."

Happy Birthday Sara!... dork!

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