turning a corner?

V. kindly asked if I had turned a corner yet with this ridiculous sickness. And I guess the best answer is yes and no.

Positives: I know longer have a fever, night sweats, weird sickness sensitivity, and/or body aches.
Negatives: I almost coughed up that 3rd lung last night and, considering the miraculous nature of that 3rd lung, fear the worst should I do so. Also, I tried to work yesterday... went in and everything. Failure. Utter failure. I was done at lunch time, completely spent.
Entertaining bits: I discovered that I can sleep when really, really necessary. When I came home early yesterday the roofers were here putting a new roof on. Oh the sweet, sweet symphonic nature of hammers and nail guns.... Now, I'm not going to say I slept the whole 2.5 hours I was in bed yesterday afternoon, but I certainly slept some. An amazing feat considering the noise.

So, V. I think we could call it a mixed bag. But perhaps things are on the up and up. I will also say that your virtual hugs are much appreciated.


Rachel said...

what the heck did you have? That sounds AWFUL! it was a good five days, judging by your blog and you're still not better. :( that sounds absolutely terrible and unpleasant and I'm glad it sounds like you're on the mend.

another kind of nerd said...

I know of nothing else to call this but the Flu. And you know its no good when people who haven't seen you in awhile cringe a little when they do. And one thing I really don't like is how laughing triggers coughing. Not Cool. Not Cool at all, for I dearly love to laugh.

Cabiria said...

Nice Austen reference!

another kind of nerd said...

Ha! I wondered if anyone would catch it. I'm such a nerd!!!!