sharing a happy spring day

Sharing Spring
Crocus in the yard. Picture taken early this afternoon.

Spring Self-Portrait

Sharing Spring
One more crocus shot... they're such happy flowers! Almost as happy as doffodils, methinks.


Dolce Vita said...

Are you doing this to torture me?
(Check my blog tomorrow and I'll share my "Spring" pictures with you. Here's the preview: it is still *** 20 below!)

melanie girouard said...

LOL! I share dolce vita's pain!!!

another kind of nerd said...

Sorry, V & M! I know it is slightly cruel, but I couldn't resist. Too nice out.

Dolce Vita said...

Thanks for the Spring preview. It is beautiful. It is hard to imagine that someplace is so warm when I look outside here.

Rachel said...

those pictures are great! I really like the contrasts. :) spring was flirting with us here, but it's back to hovering around freezing.