migraine haiku

Uh, yeah. So lovely to have a friend in migraines. Woke up early (surprise, surprise, surprise) and took magic pill. Believe it is working as disconnected feeling is taking over. Can't wait to talk with the Boss in coherent manner. Will compose haiku to ready myself.

Monster in the head
In need of Magnum P.I
Higgins took the Vette

caffeine and sugar
magic pill in the darkness
pain no more, perhaps

brother and mother
me, grandma, great grandmother
pain family tree



Trust in Steel said...

Hope your day improves, the best way to combat unrelenting nerve pain is to find a new temporary file folder in your brain to store the pain - it has taken me many years in a hidden monastery to master this tactic, but it can be done. Until then, switch brain to auto-pilot mode.

another kind of nerd said...

Brain automatically switched over. Knows when it is outmatched.... as far as hidden-monastery goes, I don't know if that will work. I have a theory about pain, the closer it is to your head the more you feel it. I can and I have worked through a lot of pain (comparatively speaking of course), but you can't run from brain pain.

Rachel said...

know your pain
also love the caffeine and pills
hope you feel better soon

Matto said...

I hope that by now your headache has subsided. You must have been going in the right direction, since the haikus came out so well.