new bed and a good night's sleep

newly arrived... slightly, uh, tall tall, or high, depending
Rushing through a blog post is never a fun thing. It's not as bad as rushing through a cup of coffee, but the two together really suck. I find myself in this position as I overslept this morning in my GIANT new princess-and-the-pea-esque bed. Let's just say the bed in total is a bit larger than I had anticipated (please see the above image). I immediately called the store to exchange the box-spring for a low profile one to (hopefully) lower the height by about 4 inches or so.

But I think the larger point here is that I overslept. I overslept and I feel fantastic. No matter that my coffee and blog post are slightly rushed. I slept well, I read the comics, watered my herbs (which are moving along swimmingly), and now I shall head off to work. Huzzah!

I mean, I know I'm not tall, but this is madness!


melanie girouard said...

Cool bed! Great investment! I am sure that you can feel it at the moment... ;-)

Rachel said...

I left my mattresses in my apartment in Eugene. I never got my deposit back, either. :) Not looking forward to buying new ones.... I hope it's comfortable, for being that tall!