to my history cohort:

I'm sorry. I can no longer go on like this. The guilt is too much.... I don't know how to say it, so I guess I'll just have to just put it out there.

Last night I fed other people my chili. Please, don't walk away. Don't leave angry. Let me explain.....

There was potluck pressure. And I'm ashamed to say the chili came before vast quantities of wine. It wasn't the same, I promise. They actually talked while eating the food. There wasn't the silence of soon-to-be sated bellies. I can read the signs. I know it meant nothing to them, with their high paying jobs that can buy all the fancy foods we could only ever dream of.

I'm weak. There were delicious meatballs and white bean soup. Did I mention the authentic, direct from Chicago pizza? I know, I know. I'm making excuses.

Is there hope? Can we work this out?

The Pizza
... a pilfered image.


kungfuramone said...

Relationships are built on TRUST, E. And we TRUST that you'll make chili for us the next time we see you.

We still love you, but that love is conditional. And the condition is chili.

Rachel said...

You're funny. :) because I am still poor, I'm with Chris - chili when come visiting. By the way, I'm seriously considering going back to Central for my certificate. *choke* But, I like Central, it's still fairly close to Seattle, and I'll be able to get a job teaching in an international school when I finish.

Dolce Vita said...


If it was your mom's Mexican Soup then maybe this wouldn't be as serious as it is!

You can't feed them your chili and expect things to be the same now. And what is this crap about "it meant nothing to them, with their high-paying jobs...." Do you not work with these people and do you not now enjoy a 'high-paying' job (compared to the $952.43 a month we we're paid for slopping through undergraduate drivel one term after another)? So, doesn't that mean that you are one of THEM!!! The Others!!!

On the other hand, I can appreciate the weakness thing. So, I might be persuaded to forgive you with a detailed explaination of exactly how this happened. We would need to recreate the scene. I beleive you mentioned copious amounts of wine followed by chili?

[By the way, I started a blog: http://blahbavarder.blogspot.com/)

another kind of nerd said...

V. I know you didn't you just dis my mamma's Mexican Soup!

As to the other topic. Anything is more than $952.43/month (an amount my current boss literally laughed at) and no, these weren't the Security people. They were your former library homies. So,whether or not they actually make that much money is debatable as well.

Rachel said...

Your boss laughed? geez... That's about how much I'm making right now, except in euros. It's more according to the exchange rate, but it doesn't buy more. I need to stop being poor. hey, can you send over the recipe for the chili?

Deepfry said...

wow, i'm so honored that you risked friendships, etc. to contribute to the potluck.