Washington, Woot!

river crossing

My oh my. I feel like I'm now just getting back into the swing of things. Made a quick trip home over the weekend. Had a fantastic time, notwithstanding a migraine. Saw the fam, ate at our family Mexican restaurant, and had 3 (yes 3) Easter and Easter-esque meals over the course of 2.5 days.

Glamour Shot: Loving the Camera

  • the Fam.
  • Scruffy, Harley, and Bosco.... observe Scruffy striking a Glamour Shot pose
  • Yard Sale Deal of the Century: a $120 Le Creuset Specialty Eggplant Casserole dish nabbed for $20, never been used.
  • More loot: a much cooler iPod stereo and Eurythmics: The Ultimate Collection (sometime I'll write about how Annie Lennox used to scare the bejesus outta me)
  • Grandparent Quote: "I suppose your parents will get these back when I die."


Anonymous said...

That is one good looking cat!

Trust in Steel said...

I take the top image to be at Biggs Junction.

another kind of nerd said...

Indeed, you are correct sir. Not bad for a moon-roof sneak shot while crossing, if I do say so myself.