real clouds?

My friend M. was telling me about a blog she saw yesterday. This blog, apparently, did nothing but list 3 entertaining things that happened every single day. One entry focused on a dog that rolled off the bed while sleeping. It seems that the dog woke up, shook its little dog head, got back up on the bed and went to sleep. The whole blog seems like an interesting experiment. Maybe the guy needed to remind himself of the good in life, or perhaps they always see the good and wanted to share. Could be a mixture of both.

3 good/entertaining things from yesterday:
  • help from friends - always a good thing
  • the story of a lost earing back discovered again, told with laughter - The earing back was somehow stuck in the teller's ear canal. When she asked her doctor how on earth an earing back could get lodged in her ear canal (the least of her medical worries), he simply replied: "I think you can figure that one out on your own."
  • The Adventures of Mr. Pickles and Secret Squirrel - the story shall be the source of my retirement nest egg.... if I could just develop the story...

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Rachel said...

Entertaining things yesterday: 1) Austrian 12 year olds singing Tears in Heaven; 2) watching a pheasant fly in an empty field; and 3) realizing after midnight that there were no more trains to my new little town and having to call my host parents.