cat puke thursday

An entertaining thing happened at some point in the wee hours of thursday morning... a cat puked on the hood of my car. Not Nice! And, just to demonstrate how far I've sunk in paparazzi documentation, I provided a picture. Not Nice! Just be grateful I didn't touch the macro setting. Anyway, I made the discovery on my way out the door to work. Hoping to find an appropriate car wash (the ones with the do-it-yourself pressure hose), I went a different way across the city and out to no-man's land. I found no acceptable car wash on the way. Not Nice! What do you do when you're at work but you can't concentrate because the cat puke may or may not be eating away at the paint job of a much beloved and well traveled automobile? You leave work because you have a mission, obviously. Have no fear, I found an acceptable car wash and spent about $4.00 making sure all the calcified bits were gone. The whole situation was most entertaining.

Poor kitty. I hope it didn't puke from the crazy contaminated cat food out there. Not Nice.

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Rachel said...

ewwww. EWWW. the picture, dude... the picture... :P