good times: some documented, some not so much.

rock selection

Matt-O came into town this weekend as part of his mini-roadtrip before heading out to the edge of Wyoming to begin his work. We packed some serious stoop BBQ action into the only sun of the week on Friday. Fantastic. Good food and good times... Err, due to an unfortunate camera blunder by yours truly, all of the photographs from Friday are gone. Oopsy-daisy. Friday highlights: afternoon beer outside, stoop BBQ, excellent food (well done M!), good company, youtube, Matt and pink bike.

Yesterday we went up into the woods, along the Mack. It rained the entire time (an authentic trip up, methinks) but we didn't let that stop us. Little hike here, little stop there... followed up with some Deadwood, games of pool, and a birthday cake for Bob-O.

After breakfast we sent Matt down the road to Northern California to Fernando. A feast prepared by Fernando's momma awaits him there. I have to say, I'll be really jealous if she's made tamales for him.

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