oh time, where do you go?

So, I feel as if I've been doing nothing but running around all month. I was busy getting ready for a trip down to Cali for work and work decided to be much more demanding than normal. Spent time in Cali in meetings and meetings, thus normal stuff I needed to get done were delayed for work later. It's funny how even though you're someplace for work the actual work you need to do doesn't adjust. One might say, "Hey! I've got this big stuff going on, I need to pay attention to that!" Then your normal work slaps you across the face and cries, "you don't pay attention to me anymore!" Meanwhile, the marriage counselor "tut-tut"s you into working extra super-duper hard because of course it's your fault. Okay, that doesn't make a lot of sense. But I've been busy. And I'm down to Cali again next week for more stuff. Just 3 days this time though.

Luckily, I was able to see some awesome people. The ever fashionable KFR, Beetlegirl, and Ms. A, respectively. No less than two awesome hug attack opportunities filled with chats, wigs, and beer. Most excellent. Then, when I returned home the bro came down and we had a splendid time hanging out, walking around, takin' in the sights, etc. Even better, we went to a Hell's Belle's concert. In case you're not in the loop, they're an all-female AC/DC tribute band*. If you ever get the chance, I heartily recommend them. And that musical event leads me to my evening tonight. I'm up to the big city to see one Ms. Brandi Carlile and then some general hanging about in PDX on Friday. That's right! I'm neglecting the work! Oh, what would the marriage counselor say?

* not to be confused with a cover band, which are just generally bad.

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