new old hats and new old tricks

new hat shot

New old hats: So, the Euge has an awesome new vintage store which is entirely too cool for the town. Seriously. I procured the featured hat there last night for a mere 6 clams. Sometime soon I'll feature the jacket I also picked up. Ski Levi's. Just try to wrap your mind around that one.

New old tricks: Okay, not really any new old tricks or even old new tricks. But I am down in San Francisco for work staying in a old (new) hotel. You know, the nicely remodeled and well appointed places that you'd never think of to stay if you were actually paying? One issue that has cropped up is the new toilet on old pipes doesn't always flush. I feel the need to practice because that's just not something one wants to mess with. I've tried to develop some technique without much success.

Tonight it's the Mission and Burritos with a homie from work. Should be most excellent. One final bendiction... May your toilets easily flush.

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boxfactoryboy said...

Nice hat at the right price!