October Fun

I love October. Seriously, I could break into verse at any point because I love it so much. Rather than bore you with that, I'll bore you with a list. Why I love October:
  • yellow, orange, and red leaves
  • sweaters without coats
  • the fun angle of your shadow on the ground
  • the idea of baseball playoffs
  • transition
  • running through leaves
  • the crisp smell in the air
  • gourds
  • corn maze
  • halloween
  • apple cider
  • brown liquor
I could go on. But I'll leave it at that. And as a party favor, also leave you with this picture I snapped with my cell phone yesterday. Oh, I'd also like to offer up some excellent Hug Attttaaaaaack warm-fuzzies to everyone. I'll get to see the Cool Kids of Cali this week and my homie M's fiancee comes back from Iraq on Monday.

interesting beer rest


The Bandit said...

I, too, love October. Especially the part about brown liquor. I have been feeling the crud coming on so last night I partook in some of the delicious bourbon you bought the boss for his birthday!

The Bandit said...

Oh yea, M's fiance made it home, I can confirm from a FB picture.

Dolce Vita said...

I agree completely that October is wonderful!

So, just the idea of playoffs, not the actual playoffs?

Esther K said...

I miss the beautiful leaves on CWU's campus!!! I LOVE this time of year too!!!!