WRONG!; or, real world uses for "unaccaptable" and other deserved denials

Denial, option 2 Denial, option 1

At home over Thanksgiving my sister and I went out with an old friend and her good friend. We had a grand time; scoping out changes to the city, catching up, and generally drinking more than we should have (I don't think that was just me). Anyway, we were in this new bar that was having a soft opening before the big official opening the next day. Oh-so-hip. Seated in a crescent shaped booth, we enjoyed a commanding view of the patrons. From out of nowhere some Asshat glides over and exchanges some cryptic words with our Friend's Friend (pointedly ignoring S and I) and then immediately returns to his friends.

Now, my sister and I didn't really know Friend's Friend before this evening began. But she was entertaining and engaging and our friend's friend. Given these three things my sister and I could quite plainly see that she was much cooler than this fellow and he was Up To No Good.

We immediately quizzed her on the asshat situation at hand and she spilled the beans on her broken heart. Asshat Up To No Good returned to our table and tried his oh-so-hip-oh-so-skeezy tactic yet again. Wrong! While Friend's Friend tried to nicely rebuff his efforts, S and I moved into action. I quite plainly told Asshat Up To No Good, "Unacceptable." While still confused by my statement, my glorious sister formed an "X" with her crossed arms and made a noise like he'd just guessed wrong on $100,000 Pyramid. It only took him a fraction of a second to recover and reply, "I know what you're up to." Good. We're all on the same page, then. Move along.

I tell this story as both a real word demonstration of "Unacceptable!" and to offer up alternatives. For worst case scenarios, the "X"-crossed-arms-with-buzzer-noise is always a possibility. A variation of the crossed arms is a simple thumbs-down with buzzer noise. Use the thumbs down for bad ideas, idiotic statements, idiotic people, or any combination of the three.

Make sure you use your power for good.


FOSCO said...

Do either of the hand gestures need to accompanied by a shake of the head? That seems like it would improve the effectiveness.

kungfuramone said...

I am delighted that you and your sis totally shut that guy down. You probably screwed up his mojo for *weeks* with that.

"Not tonight, baby. Some chicks gave me an 'unacceptable' and a buzzer noise a few weeks ago and, uh, I'm half the man I used to be."

Anonymous said...

The world is a safer place with you and s.... love you!♠ Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Bug! It's Lisa! (The Friend's Friend) Sara told Anna and I about your blog and we both were curious...I love that you explained your "unacceptable" story from Thanksgiving. I greatly appreciate your use of it. I'm sure it hurt his ego (or at least I hope it did). Anna and I like to add a "walk it out.....walk it out" while offering a directional point for those who still just don't get it. Hope 2009 brings you lots of opportunities to share "UNacceptable".

Seda said...

Hey, E., Great story! I just came by to check out your blog. I linked it. See ya next week! (or after the inauguration!)

The Bandit said...

Who knows, this could be the answer for world peace. I bet no one ever gave Bin Laden a thumbs down UNacceptable. If they did, there would probably be far less problems in this world.

SuperJew said...

You have just equipped me with some serious and useful weapons my dear. Thank you, and I will pass along the good word to fellow ladies in need.