The Sopranos; or, shopping for new hats.

Carmela's Fedora: close up Carmela's Fedora: outfit shot
Last weekend I accomplished something very important. I finished watching The Sopranos. My friend and I have pushed through all 6 seasons in the last 8 months or so. Though many things stand out (Pauly Walnuts to any woman crying: "Dry those peeps" or Sil's hair which is a blog post on its own), one particular episode really captured my attention.... well, to be fair, one hat captured my attention. In episode 76 Carmela and Rosalie go to Paris* and Carmela makes the most brilliant tourist impulse buy: the dark olive wool felt fedora. The hat is FANTASTIC. The entire episode I kept asking where that hat was, no thought given to the beautiful shots of the city. Unable to find any pictures of Carmela in the hat online and completely obsessed, my friend rented the dvd again so I could make everyone's life better through documentation. Anyway, I found similar hats online, but they're all wrong with their big labels, or band all the way around, or bad color. I'll dig a bit more, but if anyone knows of a great place to find crushable wool felt fedoras then give me a hollar. In the meantime, please enjoy those I've posted.

*KFR, I'm convinced you would have had a better time if you had mob money to spend in Paris.

---Vicarious travel shots ---
french pig sightseeing through tv: paris
sightseeing through tv: paris sightseeing through tv: paris


kungfuramone said...

You need to talk about this very important issue w/ your former boss at the library, L. It seems like the kind of thing she would be ALL over.

Dolce Vita said...

THAT is a wonderful hat! Definitely one you could pull off wearing. I remember hearing about a website that told where to find products seen in movies, but I haven't been able to find it (maybe it died).

So, um, how did you lift still photos from a DVD? Is it difficult to do...?

Beetlegirl said...

Hey, we totally saw those bodyless heads!

another kind of nerd said...

Ummm, lifting images from DVD was simply a matter of taking pictures of the TV. Not difficult, just takes a while to get some good ones.

And it IS a fantastic hat. Totally worth the effort.

Dolce Vita said...

Well, duh. I didn't think of that (and, as usual, the pics are awesome).

Trust in Steel said...

Embrace the fixation with lovely accessories.