Beer Turtle!

black & tan turtle Roslyn Beer
Beer Turtle!??? "What fresh hell is this?", you might ask. Well, your guess is almost as good as mine. I received this lovely little turtle/bottle opener/black & tan maker in the mail not long after Christmas. No note, no clue, no nuttin' except for the packing list from the warehouse. I don't know who its from, though I have two excellent suspects. Unfortunately, neither of them remember making the purchase and both could probably be convinced of it if I tried hard enough.

I do know, however, that this little lovely does make a delicious black & tan. I bring this up for a reason. The first is the mystery. Its not often one receives mysterious packages in the mail. The second is because I love all kinds of beer and was recently asked what my favorite beer is. I never realized that this could be a panic inducing question, but there I was; stammering, sweating, looking at the floor. I have no idea what my favorite beer is. I do love me a Schwelmer Pils, but I see myself more as a beer tourist. I have cities that I love to go back to, but I don't know that I'd want to live there. And I love exploring new places too much to settle down. When I go home to my parents house I try to find some delicious Roslyn or Brookside Beer, from the Roslyn Brewing Company. On vacation with the fam in Yellowstone and the Tetons last summer the beer of choice was Trout Slayer. And it fit. It worked. It captured the moment. Since the beer turtle magically appeared in my mailbox the Black & Tan once again holds sway in my heart... I thought I had left it behind in college. Anyway, what does the black & tan say? Am I of two minds about beer? About life? Any other existential beer crises out there?



boxfactoryboy said...

You must have some good friends. That is some turtle.

Esther K said...
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Esther K said...

Hilarious! Love the cute little beer turtle!!!