Unacceptable! is the word of the year, methinks. And this is only a positive thing. You see, when someone says "unacceptable" they're making a bold statement. Something is unsatisfactory and they're saying as much. None of this wishy-washy business. Some examples:
  • self critique: "I haven't updated my blog for almost two weeks! UNACCEPTABLE!"
  • technical: your interweb crashes? UNACCEPTABLE!
  • competitive: don't like someone's Go Fish card request? UNACCEPTABLE!
  • exclamatory: UNACCEPTABLE! as curse word alternative
  • medical: feel a migraine or cold coming on? UNACCEPTABLE!

As I explained to V in an email late last month, "unacceptable" is a necessary word to say as many of us (particularly women) aren't taught to move about the world in such a forceful way. Once you're comfortable with it in everyday settings, try it on for size, etc., it doesn't take much to use it in truly appropriate situations.

Additionally, the pronunciation is also quite entertaining to play around with. I quite fancy this particular way: UN!-acceptable --> say the "UN" bit loudly almost whisper the rest. Or say it really, really fast. Give it a whirl. I promise you won't be disappointed.


kungfuramone said...

I tried it just now, and I wasn't disappointed! Thank you, E.

The Bandit said...

You must have learned about that from some kind of genius! Maybe an evil genius:) Whaaahaaahaa....

Dolce Vita said...

As I mentioned elsewhere, my preferred mode of delivery borrows from Vinzzini when he said "inconceivable" in the Princess Bride. (It still makes me smile!)