a trophy on the line

mill at dusk 2

Here's an image for the approaching end of summer. This weekend marks the end of summer kickball with the playoffs and a BBQ. Should be quite entertaining. As the one piece of competitiveness allowed in an adult co-ed city kickball league, everyone is gunning for the ONE annoying team that took everything way too seriously the entire season. I'm anticipating a few attempts to bean one particular dude in the head (a no-no in the rule book).

Wish us luck, people. There is a trophy on the line and it does travel from winner to winner over the seasons.

On a side note, the lovely J made a quick trip last weekend and shared his plans to take over the world. You'll all be informed of your roles in due time. Until then, my friends, fight the power with booze, bunnies, and kickball.

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Trust in Steel said...

Good luck on the kickball!