hot pants

This song has been in my head as of late. No real explanation. I was first introduced to "Hot Pants" waiting for a graduate seminar to start when I was a young, enterprising undergraduate. The fellow who told me about it had long gray hair and played in a band that occasionally covered Jimmy Buffet songs (just to give you a mental picture). He had a deep and abiding love of James Brown, going so far as to burn me a copy of James Brown Live at the Apollo just so I could experience a bit of the joy. There's no footage of the 1962 concert, only audio. And that, my friends, is almost a sad fact. Because, soup to nuts, that recording is an amazing listen. I wonder if seeing him jumping around on stage, falling down on his knees, and whatnot would distract from the music. Mayhaps it's more powerful because you're forced to work out what's going on when the crowd SCREAMS and HOLLERS. And believe me, they scream and holler. So, be content with this bit of Hot Pants.

And, if you know your way around the interweb and love music, give this article a read. Then go here and sign up. If you are musically inclined but not web savvy, bookmark the site and wait for it to be available in the US.

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Nice! Hi from Italia! I hope things are going well!