heat wave.

heat wave

Ummmmm, I like to think I can be tough. I certainly feel like I'm better prepared to take on the heat today than I was yesterday (yesterday we broke the century mark as well). But this is just ridiculous. It's 88F in my apartment. It was 85F at 11:00PM last night. And the above screen shot was captured at 3:30 this afternoon. There are two days left in this heat wave as well.

Trying to enter zen water mode... I can't even imagine how the elderly without AC are coping.


beetlegirl said...

You need to come hang out with us CA coasties. Seriously. I am wearing an angora sweater and a jacket at the moment, and am too comfortable for July. The end must be near.

another kind of nerd said...

The end is indeed nigh.

And my next visit may not be till the end of September or beginning of October. :(