summer things.


  1. When I got back to the States I went to an establishment that serves delicious Rogue Brewery beer. This was my order, "I'd like a beer with so many hops they'll punch me in the face. Thank you." I got my wish. And things have remained much the same.
  2. Am currently experience weird heat-induced dreams. I won't bore you with the dreams. But let me just add that last night I actually punched someone and connected. Usually when I punch someone in dreams it results in lame, little glancing blows that don't do anything. Last night, however, was a different story. Perhaps I should question why I'm punching people in dreams rather than worrying about whether or not I'm doing it well?
  3. Kickball. Outside. Brilliant. The only downside I can see is a No Adult Beverages rule where we're currently playing. On Sunday we were short a few people, so I played outfield with one other person. There was a lot of sprinting. I'm a little ashamed to say that I'm sore.
  4. Was kicked out of the office. No complaints though. Am now officially a remote employee. Wait. Only one complaint that is offset by every other positive thing.... I don't have air conditioning like they do in the office. It's a good thing I'm tough. And I have survival skills from my desert youth.
  5. It wouldn't be summer without weddings. I'm off to the north this weekend for just such an event. Should be a good time. Oh, and yesterday I got the official day for friend M's wedding in Germany. It's in the spring. Must start scheming and watching the price of flights. Europe in April is lovely and delightfully free of tourists.

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Unknown said...

yeah i went out and played ultimate frisbee the other day, first time in a LOOONG time. A little sore still. btw that was tuesday.