back around.

The Dingle Pub, outside shot escape from Blarney, pt. 2
a perfect pint? trinity college

I'm back home now, mostly over the jet-lag. I say "mostly" because I just happened to wake up at 6:30 this morning. Not a normal time for a Saturday morning wake-up in my world. Friends gathered at the BCC last night for a little welcome back meet-and-greet, which was absolutely lovely.

I'll head out and explore some of the local wonders later this morning. One big lesson/reminder from my trip was that it's not hard to just get off your ass and go have fun. Now, I realize we don't have multiple castles within short car rides or even within walking distance (if you're into that kind of thing). But there's all other sorts of things out there. Go explore. Find a spot and hang out. Take your friends along. Eat cake before you have dinner. What's not fun about that?

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Welcome home!!!