döner kebab

I <3 döner kebab

Ahhhh, yesterday I was able to cross one food agenda item off my list, the döner kebab. Such meaty deliciousness in a handy little bread pouch. And all for the low low cost of 2-3 Euro. I know they're bad for me... with all the salt and the fat. But I can't help it. So good.

In other news, the work-week goes well here and the weekend plans are much closer to home, such as it is. There will be a quick trip down to the Bodensee (between Germany and Switzerland). Tomorrow I think I'll head out during the late morning to downtown Stuttgart. Explore things a bit. I like exploring.



Cabiria said...

After all these years of hearing stories of donor kebabs, it's nice to see a picture! Sounds like you're having a blast!

Esther K said...

Beautiful photo! And no, not that top photo, the bottom one! ;)

The Bandit said...

I'm sure it is tasty but it doesn't look very appetizing! Wish I was there, glad you are having a great time! How bout a few more text messages. PS - Trixie cruises in style!