to the Alps!

I like to say "To the Alps!" like I say, "To the Batcave!" More of an exclamation with a finger thrust into the air.... And I'm still with the jet lag, so I can't tell if that's really as entertaining as I think it is or if I'm just punchy from the lack of sleep. Anyway, we shall depart to the Alps here shortly, to Garmisch-Partenkirchen if you're at all curious. There promises to be good German food, a trailer, beautiful mountains, picturesque lakes, and relaxing hikes. Most excellent.

Got a holiday?
Good Sir, Drive On! To the Alps!
Watch out for the goats.

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The Bandit said...

Um, yea, so I just watched a video on google of some dude's trip to Garmisch. No, I am not jealous, not one bit. It doesn't look quaint and charming and oh yea, gorgeous. Not jealous, not one little bit.