quick visits and travel

it's just what you do with leopard print robes

Apologies for the lack of blogging. I'm currently in travel mode, even though I'm now at home. Last week was an amazing combination of 730 miles driven and a flight from Seattle to San Jose and then back again. I don't know what those miles are, but rest assured it was enough. But the travel was good. Very good. I was able to visit the fabulous A. and then KFR and Beetlegirl ventured over the hill to see me. There was some hanging out in my hotel room complete with leopard print robes. Really, they came to see the robes. If only we'd had a bubble pipe or two.

Anyway, I'm still in travel mode because I'm getting all my crap lined up and ready to go for Germany. One month away means I better not leave any fruit on the counter or milk in the fridge. That and I'm one of those crazies who cleans like mad before they go on a trip. So yeah, have much of what I need packed, but I've also got an expanding list of things to take care of before I go. I don't mind, though. Because if you look at the picture below, that's where I hope to be over Memorial Day weekend. Woot!

tadpole lake

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boxfactoryboy said...

Could be worse I would say, jealous would be me. Nice robe, did you pull and Eddie Murphy on that one?