things I like that I already own: red chair

It occurs to me that during this time of financial insecurity one better get busy liking what they've already got. Never mind that I have a small mountain of things piling up that need to go to Goodwill. This, my friends, is a celebration of things I already have. I encourage others to take inventory as well.

I thought about doing this in list form, but that doesn't seem appropriate. So much of what I have that I truly value (whether for the item or more often times the sentiment) deserves a bit more than a one-off list.

First and foremost on the list is the Red Chair. Now, whether or not I own the Red Chair is up for debate. I think my family might argue that I hold it in some form of Trust that they could legitimately lay claim to. As much as I like to call the chair mine, their rendering is probably the more accurate of the two. Since lists are so much fun, I present a list of why this chair is RAD:
  • the fantastic red color
  • velvet!
  • it still has much of the original horsehair construction
  • we were not allowed to sit in this chair as children and now I can sit in it every day
  • it was my grandma's chair
  • the chair is facking comfortable
  • did I mention the red?

red chair

To be continued...


The Bandit said...

This is true, it is rad and it is in a chair trust. The good news for you is, the boss man will always prefer it at your house.

Trust in Steel said...

Red Chair is quite comfy!

Dolce Vita said...

I concur. I love the red chair too because it is so red and comfy and so sleekly red. I'm so glad it was entrusted to you and we got to admire it. (Fortunately, you're not too close to the Family Trust Network, so removing the Red Chair poses a bit of a challenge for fellow Trustees.)

Anonymous said...

I believe said chair was among Grandma's first Grandview household purchases. It has wonderful memories... Pop and Grandma would leave for an early evening event; John and I would watch westerns and the back of the chair (this was the most desired chair) would suddenly be the back of the fastest horse! No doubt, we were paying tribute to the horse hair construction -- and luckily not caught!! Mom...

kungfuramone said...

That chair is fly, E!

Rachel said...

that's a pretty sweet chair. :) Red makes any piece of furniture better.