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So, I'm back. Hence the fancy video (at Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, sipping some wine, enjoying the sunset). I'll start the task of posting my billions of pictures on Flickr sometime this week, but now I'm going to have a beer, maybe separate my lights and darks, watch the boob tube, and hit the hay. To conclude, some highlights from the last few days of the trip:
  • a fantastic thunder and lightning storm in Jackson
  • chatting with a mink farmer and his "twinkie stuffer" wife.... no joke.... she worked for Hostess
  • birthday X 2
  • there's snow on them thar hills (or mountains, whatev)!... we had some chilly nights with the storm, thus I didn't have to try so hard to pretend that fall was here.
  • family
Alas, my holiday is over. The working world demands attention tomorrow and Friday. At least the weekend is almost here.

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