on holiday 1.1

In less than 24 hours I'll begin the journey north and thus the beginning of my holiday. I shall rendezvous with the Fam at HQ (aka: The Crack) on Friday and we depart for Yellowstone on Saturday at O-dark-hundred. Well, it will be early, but the sun will definitely be up. That's right folks, this is a family-road-trip-circa-1963 kind of affair. We shall reconnoiter (I've always loved that word, A.) the place where Matt-O spends his time, shoot on down to Grand Teton, and get some town-time in for the parental unit's respective birthdays in Jackson Hole. Phew. All in all, the vacation time is only* about 12 days, but I haven't had 12 days** since 2004. Anyhoo, I may or may not post from the field depending on how the interweb is fairing wherever I happen to be. To finish things off, a list of things I already find entertaining:
  • How loaded down my car will be getting to HQ: bike, bbq, booze, board games
  • Camping food. Hello Easy Cheese!
  • The fact that my brother, sister, and I will be crammed in the backseat on the first leg (to be joined by an RV a bit down the road. Yes. Caravan style.
  • Fighting over the radio
  • Every conversation with my family regarding meal planning for the trip revolved around some variety of meat. I'm pretty sure fruits & vegetables were mentioned at some point, but I might just be lying to myself.
*I realize this is way more than a good many people see in a two year span, let alone in consecutive days
**unemployment, most emphatically, does not count

ps: on an unrelated but related note, the holiday and coming closure of the craft center for a small amount construction means my table is now safe in my apartment, but in two pieces still, and in need of more mineral oil. I shall resume table construction upon my return and post updates of my progress. Its getting close people!


SuperJew said...

Easy Cheeze!!! Aww, are you gonna be having any vanitegans on the journey with you that can be converted to easy cheese dairy?

And the meat convo...I'd imagine Miss E that you will be suggesting some spicy kealbasa (sp?) for the journey? Perhaps some Brats?

Rachel said...

sounds like fun! I had my fill of road trips from last month to Montana and the Oregon coast, but they're pretty fun. :)