sharp tools rule!

The sharp tools, they also draw blood. But the cuts are clean, so its okay. Yeah. I managed to puncture myself with the chisel on the palm side of my thumb, just below the knuckle. Whoopsie Daisy. Everything is fine. I don't think any stitches are necessary. But bending the thumb (and I do have full range of motion, thanks!) is not so fun right now. Typing ain't easy either. So, some things I've learned:
  • always work with sharp tools
  • be careful when using chisels
  • spurting blood means an artery, dripping blood means a vein (mine dripped)
  • when one sustains an injury in a shop-type setting, invariably people come from all around to share the origin of their scars and tales of (often times) stupidity... I'll now be able to share in the fun.
  • neosporin (or generic equivalent) is good to have on hand
  • wet band-aids are bad-news-bears... change 'em out.
  • some cold water and salt can remove blood stains
In summary, try not to stab yourself with a chisel: there is blood, there are weird stories, and there is pain. At least a little.

That is all.


kungfuramone said...

"In summary, try not to stab yourself with a chisel"


boxfactoryboy said...

Ah grasshopper, you are now a member of the "I been bit!" club. The dreaded chisel snake hides in the shop just waiting for the chance to bite! Just remember this and be sure you dont get caught on the deadly teeth of the tiger table saw!

the rambler said...

Poor E! Hope your hand is feeling better soon!

SuperJew said...

Holy Crap E, it sounds like your table involves some kind of ritual sacrificing of body parts! You can literally say that the table was made with your blood, sweat and tears..assuming the blood drew some tears? You're such a trooper!
I miss you girl!!!! We gotta catch up soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go you Tool.

Got any gum?

HA Ha!

empress mermaid said...

add a tetanus vaccine to that list of yours!

another kind of nerd said...

The tetanus shot was the following morning, thanks! I'm now all updated and heeling quite nicely. I can only hope for a cool scar.

boxfactoryboy said...