In other entertaining news....

I had the great good pleasure to call my boss the other morning to explain why I would be late to work. Just so we're clear, I made the call from my car in the parking lot of said work building.

Ahem: "Yeah, hi. So, I'm going to be late to work this morning. I mean, I'm at work. In the parking lot... but I seem to be trapped in my car. By my seatbelt. It won't unbuckle. At all. I can't really get out."

Um. Yeah. Oops. This, of course (and thank goodness), made my boss erupt into a fit of laughter. Well, lets be honest, I was laughing quite a bit myself. Anyway, I just started the car back up and drove to the dealer to get it fixed. And yes, I had to loosen the strap a whole bunch to crawl out. I'm glad it didn't catch and lock up as I'm not flexible. Yeah. They managed to extricate the clip from the buckle part (probably with an entire bottle of silicone) and ordered me a new part. Yeeeehaw!

Thinking back on all the reasons I've been late to work or have to step out for a while (various sundry appointments*, etc.), this pretty much takes the cake. The only thing that could possibly rival being stuck in the car was when I had to step away from work for a few minutes to wash my car as some unlucky cat puked on the hood.

Welcome to my world.

*I boldly scoff in the face of redundancies and mobster types


the rambler said...

Seems Trixie has some tricks up her tires.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the tricks are up her wheel wells. MacGyver coud have gotten out with a pen and a paper clip. But then again you are Brainy smurf and not MacGyver smurf.